Sri Walajapet Venkataramana Bhagavadar krithis are sung by various singers. Listing them in a single page will overwelm the page. So the contents are deivided by the singers. Please select the list box to view songs rendered by various singers.

Rendered by Sri V.K.NeelaRao
Anandha Maya Ragam:Jyotiswarupini , Thalam: Adi
BalaGopala Krishna Language: Sourashtram, Ragam:Dhanyasi, Thalam: Adi
Ramaa NaMora Ragam: HariKambhoji, Thalam:Roopaka
Vadarane Ragam:PoorviKalyani, Thalam: Adi

Photo of Sri T.K.Ramarathnam on one of the Venkataramana Bhagavadar jeyanthi function.

Sri V.K.Neelarao is a prominent singer from Sourashtra community and actively initiating works to propogate fame of Sourashtra Mahans by releasing Audio and Video CDs. Some of the songe are presented here from the cassette he released recently.

Note: The songs included in this site are collected throught firends circle (or) recorded on the live concert etc. The reason to include these songs are to populate the fame of Sri Venkataramana Bhagavadar. visitors are encouraged to listen the songs from the site and not to download the songs itself. The site owner will remove the songs from the site if any objections are made or objections communicated. The songs are provided for fair use.


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